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Cyber Awareness & Training

Aware Users

Security Awareness

Ongoing training for computer and online security is similar to continuing education needed in most skilled trades. With training times starting at 15 minutes a month per employee, the content can be customized per employee or department.

Mass Emailing

Email Phishing Simulation

Learning from a video or blog is great, but can you catch the fake emails coming into your inbox? We can configure custom tailored emails to test your users' awareness of phishing techniques, by tracking their reporting of fraudulent emails.


Group Presentations

On-site class style presentations work great to get all employees on the same page and understand the basics of security threats. Typically held in small groups, these can focus on roles such as accounting or management.

Chance Selection

Risk Management

Completing a system audit or a baseline user assessment will give you a big picture view as to your current risk. Knowing where you are and where you want to be is the only way to get there.

Positive Star

User Assesments

After or during training, you need assessments to ensure that your employees are understanding the topics and threats. These are kept at the level necessary for successful user awareness.

Verified User

Training Reporting

From course certificates to user by user reporting on the status of each training session, you can ensure that your employees are completing the required training for compliance with government, insurance or business policies.

We are partnered with InfoSec to provide engaging content and training options.